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Yeah! you heard it right! this is not a food / recipe related post! and my health is keeping me away from blogging! after loads of embarrassing phone conversations and mails between BlogAdda and me.. I had to set the health thing aside and sit myself down to write this review..

Excerpt :

In Angola: a covert CIA agent is about to exchange weapons for blood diamonds
In Kerala: an elderly man will do whatever it takes to fulfill a promise made to a dying son
In Mumbai: an international bank is stunned by the mysterious deaths of its key employees
The mysterious man exchanging weapons for blood diamonds … the mystery starts on the very first page of this book! The books is extremely gripping from this very first page. This plot popped up here and there in the book… though not as much as the next two..
Then goes on to the story of a man in Kerala, who is being accused of a crime he never committed! and moves on to a man protesting against a nuclear power plant to protect the locals. How the protest goes on to a huge level and what happens next is the mystery..
then moves on to a corporate scene where every one is trying their best to climb the ladder… Love, lust, crime, betrayal … everything part of this fancy office place! How all these elements kill their key employees and why they are killed is another strong gripping part of this book!
The book is woven into a thick mysterious magic! each story has it’s own mystery and author doesn’t let any of the stories go weak at any point. the characters ,each one of them are portrayed extremely well, you can literally see them while reading the book! I need to confess that I had a little trouble in remembering all the characters … so I kept going back in the pages to see where it came from!
One character that appeared suddenly was Kiran Panjabi.. I felt this character came out of nowhere and became the pivot point of the whole story.. the way he solves the mystery seems a bit unrealistic.. but it was managed well!
The book was so well written that , you never are able to guess what is happening.. you are tempted to turn it to the last page and see what happens.. but you can not miss even a single word ! The book is extremely hard to put down! though you put down the book.. the story keeps playing in your head..
I am a very huge fan of thrillers, and mostly read thrillers from various famous authors.
Ravi Subramanian knows how to keep the reader hooked to the book! page by page .. word by word! this book is worth international audience! this is the only book I have read of his..Now I am itching to order other books to get hooked on to.. overall a great read and an excellent thriller! Go on and read the book! totally worth the time!
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