{Review} Soda Bottle Opener Wala Bangalore

One fine weekday the buzz started about this awesome restaurant opening in Bangalore. People were going gaga, happy tears were flowing down many a cheek. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about!

When you have friends who you can talk to for hours together, with whom you can speak anything and everything on the earth about and not fear about being judged, when you have friends who share the love of food, the love of trying new things, the love of drooling all over the keyboard when you see something delicious.. Those are the friends who  you choose to go try out the specific restaurant which everyone is going crazy about.

So, off we went to “Soda Bottle Opener Wala” (giggles), we reached the place and were greeted by a blackboard that said “we are teething, please bear  with us” .


The decor was quirky, old worldly, lot of knick knacks and a stereo  playing a mix of old and new Bollywood numbers! *instant love  happened*


We sat down in a  quiet corner and were promptly greeted with the menu. We quickly went through and ordered 4 starters and a drink.


The chilli cutlet pav came first. The pav was just amazing! it was fresh and not very sweet like the locally available and mass produced ones. The cutlet was huge, juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Totally loved this!


Then came the much-awaited eggs Kejriwal. Runny yolk eggs on toast. I quite liked it!

When I ordered cheese masala fries, I expexted them to be spicy fries doused in a healthy (;-)) amount of cheese, I was disappointed as the cheese came lightly dusted with some red chilli powder and a small bowl of cheese dip. The cheese dip turned hard after some time. This was a disappointment.

Tomato papeta par eeda, I  really loved the idea! layer of tomato gravy, thinly sliced potatoes and eggs on top and baked ! this can be a perfect breakfast with some toasted bread !


The raspberry soda !! oh my god! sour, sweet, soda, made with real fruit ! the seeds added an interesting texture dimension to the drink!

Then we sat and deliberated if we really had some space to eat anything else .. but the Dhansak was something I always wanted to try. we ordered the mutton dhansak and the chicken one was not available. (Note that I don’t like mutton).

This came in brass tiffin dabbas, Parsi brown rice, mutton gravy and some salad.

This was the highlight of the meal!! the rice was fragrant ! the mutton was perfectly cooked, the gravy was rightly spiced and balanced. I could go there, sit and eat just this !! super duper delicious!



We had to have something sweet to end the meal, caramel custard was what we chose!

The caramel was a little bitter but the not so sweet custard went very well with it! The custard was silky smooth!


They have a beautiful Irani bakery where you can buy some Shrewsbury biscuits and mawa cake. I did buy Shrewsbury biscuits which were crispy buttery and good!

The whole meal costed 2400 rupees and well worth it!

oh! I forgot to introduce this friend of mine, Caroline !! @Caroline much louuuuu for coming with me and eating the runny eggs you hate 😉

Soda Bottle Openerwala,
Lavelle Road,
25/4, Opposite Harley Davidson Showroom, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

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  1. R.Badrinarayanan says:

    my experience at hyderabad was totally opposite!

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